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                                      "When an angel and demon bind their souls together, 

                       the only way to sever it is to make the angel fall or the demon ascend.

                  Who will be triumphant: the love-struck angel, or the lustful demon prince?"

          Regal is a young Incubus who has recently earned the title of Prince of Lust from Jackal,

the King of Hell. Although he is different from all of the other Incubi, he has earned the title for his

many successes of capturing lustful souls. That, and he has the perk of being Jackal's son.

          Keir is one of Gloria's archangels in training, who specializes in the Virtue of Kindness under the

guidance of Michaelangelo. Despite being very powerful for his young age, he still has a lot to learn

about earth and its inhabitants before he can move up in the ranks of the Angelic Hierarchy.

          These two powerful forces collide when a battle over a human's life goes awry. Keir finds himself

head over heels in love with the demon, and Regal is given the rare opportunity to seize the angel as a

personal servant. Regal jumps at the chance to become the first demon in history to covet an angel, but

Keir is much smarter than he anticipates, and the two end up tethering their souls together in an

unbreakable bond.

          Keir is more than happy to have the bond between them, but Regal wants out of the deal. The only

way to do that is to make the angel fall from grace and become a demon. But can Regal succeed in his

plans before Keir makes him ascend into heaven and become one of Gloria’s children?

          The Art of Falling is the first book in a series titled The Age of Mythos. It is a modern day romance with

a fantasy twist that brings you up close and personal with the hearts of angels and demons, showing that

even celestial creatures from ethereal realms have some humanity in them. 

This novel contains themes that may be unsuitable for children, including mild sexual themes,

violence, and adult language. 

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The Art of Falling