​​​To help watch over the universe and keep life and death in balance, there is a hierarchy of gods set up. Each group has a set amount of power and control that they are gifted, and each god is designated to specific roles, such as being an ambassador for species in The Egg, as well as be the rulers of their own planets, moons, or realms.

  • PRIMORDIAL GODS: These gods are at the highest level in power. They are the ones who created the universe at the beginning of time. There are two gods who share this title: Gloria and Chaos, who represent Heaven and The Chaos Realm respectively. Together they balance between law, order, and goodness with discord, mayhem, and evil. If one of the primordial gods were to die, the universe would be thrown into imbalance and would crumble apart.

  • SECONDARY GODS: These gods are directly under the primordial gods in power and rank, and assist with keeping balance in the universe. They are aligned with Gloria, and work with her to ensure that Chaos doesn’t overthrow the balance. The current secondary gods include Jackal (who replaced Hades after his death) and Malektil. They represent Hell and Purgatory respectively.

  • LESSER GODS: These gods are under the secondary gods in power and rank. They specialize in specific traits and watch over certain species of mythos. They live on the smaller moons that float within the outer planes of the universe. One example of a lesser god could be the god Freyr, who specializes in fertility and watches over elves.

  • DEMI-GODS: Demi-gods are half god beings, with the other half either human or mythos. They are more powerful than regular humans or mythos, but they are too weak to be considered lesser gods. One example of this would be the legendary Greek hero, Hercules. 

  • REBORN: ​On occasion, when an ethereal being dies, they are reincarnated into the life of a mythos of human. One example of this could be the Greek Goddess Circe being reborn as a witch. Reborn ethereals have the opportunity to gain power and eventually return to their original rank before they died. However, this has yet to happen in history.


  • ​​DENIZEN: A term used to describe those who live outside of The Egg and are not gods. The most common denizens are Angels (who work for Gloria), Demons (who work for Jackal), and Gargoyles (who work for Malektil.) The denizens that work for Chaos are called Sons of Cain. Denizens who do not work for a specific god but still live outside of The Egg are called Onelings. 

There are three sets of angels that serve Gloria. The first focuses on protecting Gloria and Her kingdom. The second focuses on protecting the balance of the universe. The final set focuses on protecting those inside The Egg.

  • SERAPHIM: These angels appear in the first set of angels, and they are the highest ranking and most powerful. They act as bodyguards for Gloria, often positioned outside of Her private chambers. Whenever She is traveling outside of Heaven, they often guide Her, ready to fight off any danger that may threaten Her. They are extremely tall beings that appear to be burning with holy flame, often too bright for most to see. They have six wings, two of which cover their face, two of which cover their feet, and two of which are used for flight. They are often singing and praising Gloria’s name, which can be heard echoing in the halls of the palace like music.

  • CHERUBIM: These angels appear in the first set of angels and rank under seraphim. They protect the Garden of Eden, where the Tree of Life grows. They also act as gardeners and care for the foliage that grows there. Their baby faced appearance seems friendly, but they are very dangerous. They have four wings covered with eyes, and if they catch anyone sneaking into the garden, they will attack.

  • THRONES: These angels appear in the first set of angels. They are rarely seen outside of the court rooms within Heaven. They are the judges and lawmakers of Heaven, with Gloria acting as the President. They often manifest as objects rather than beings, sometimes described as chariot wheels or scales. Their job is to judge all angels and souls who reside in Heaven. Any signs of Chaos immediately get notified to the Thrones, who work with Gloria to determine if the soul is worthy of Heaven. Their most famous ruling was casting Lucifer out of Heaven.

  • DOMINIONS: These angels appear in the second set of angels, and act as the captains of the Heavenly army that fight against Chaos. They are often Archangels that have mastered battle strategy. Though they are rarely seen, much like Thrones, they are described to look very similar to their angel comrades, with brightly glowing halos and orbs on their weapons. When necessary, they will assist with training archangels and archangels in training.

  • STRONGHOLDS: These angels appear in the second set of angels. Much like Thrones, their duty is to keep the universe in balance by protecting the kingdom of Heaven. However, instead of judging those who reside in Heaven, they work to stop outside forces from entering. They are often seen circling the city, keeping watch for any invaders. They too look similar to their angelic comrades, but are fully clad in armor.

  • AUTHORITIES: These angels appear in the second set of angels and are the history keepers. They work alongside strongholds, dominions, and thrones to record the history of the universe. They too have hundreds of eyes covering their robes and wings, watching every event that happens both inside The Egg and outside of it. They write down every second of history, even as it’s changing, but are unable to see the future.

  • PRINCIPALITIES: These angels appear in the third set of angels and work alongside their higher ranking officials to protect The Egg. They act as teachers for guardian angels, although they also share their wisdom with any angel who comes seeking their advice. They look much like archangels and angels, but wear crowns and carry scepters to signify their rank.

  • ARCHANGELS: These seven angels appear in the third set and are soldiers of Heaven. A very unique and prestigious title, they follow the commands of Dominions and work alongside Strongholds and Principalities. Archangels fight against demons in an attempt to protect the innocent from being corrupted. However, their true enemy are the Sons of Cain, warriors who follow Chaos' rule. Specialized in a virtue, they are expected to train angels of their virtue to become archangels. Each archangel can appoint a Deputy, who is the heir to their title. 

  • DEPUTIES: The highest rank possible for those who are not yet classified in an official rank. The deputy is an angel who works alongside their leader. They are expected to take on the official role in the chance that their mentor passes away. They are expected to be a leader among the trainees and a role model for those who wish to join Gloria’s Army.

  • TRAINEES: Those who are training as warriors in Gloria’s Army. They can be training for any offensive role including Archangel, Dominion, and Strongholds. These angels specialize in fighting and protecting innocents. Many never move up to deputy, as trainees can be fully trained even with this title.

  • APPRENTICES: Those who are training to take a passive role. These angels do not have the typical restriction of their mentor dying before they can more up and take a full title. The common apprentices are for Guardian Angels, Principalities, and Authorities. While they don’t fight for Gloria’s Army, they are trained to battle when necessary.

  • SAINTS: Saints are a special breed of angel that were previously human before being appointed with power. They are the nurses and doctors of Heaven, caring for souls both in the afterlife and on earth. They also care for wounded angels in case of a battle.


  • THE RISEN: A rare breed of angel created from the ascension of other denizens, such as demons and gargoyles. Most undergo a physical transformation to fit in with other angels, but will often have a trait of their origin.

To help Hades and Jackal with their duties, they have a variety of demons under their command. Often considered evil, they are working to keep the balance in the universe, although their methods of less-than moral.​ Originally, demons had a hierarchy that was equivalent to the angelic hierarchy, with nine major categories, and further sub-categories based on sin. However, Jackal reorganized the demons for a more streamlined hierarchy once he took power. Now any demon can fall into any category regardless of sin.

  • KING / QUEEN: These titles are reserved for the rulers of Hell. The current King and Queen are Jackal and Persephone.

  • PRINCE: The first, and most powerful, set of the hierarchy are the Princes. With only seven princes at a time, it’s a very exclusive class, and they’re rarely an option for other demons. Typically, demons must earn their title, but can be granted to anyone seemed fit for the position. Once named a Prince, the only way to lose the title is to die or become corrupt by Chaos. They specialize in a specific sin and use that sin to steal souls for Hell. They are also expected to be an ambassador for their sin, as well as organize and guide their weaker kin to collect souls on their behalf. They often develop special abilities to help them. The appearance of these demons varies from sin to sin, but most have a human-like form.

  • DUKE: This is a special class of demons that very few are a part of. This title is given to those who are within the royal circle, and are limited to close friends and family of those in power. One famous Duke was Erebos, the best friend and confidant of Hades. Their job is to speak on behalf of the royal family to the lower classes, and act as a bridge between all of the classes.

  • THE MARQUIS: The Marquis is Hell’s army. It is composed of seven sections that represent each sin. Within the Marquis, there are Privates, Corporals, Sergeants, Chiefs, Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Colonels, and Generals. To be a part of the Marquis is considered a great honor, and even the weakest Privates rank higher than most other demons. Jobs range from doing grunt work, to protecting the perimeters of Hell, to specializing in areas such as battle tactics, espionage, medical, etc.

  • VISCOUNT: Also known as the Moirai or Fates, there are only three Viscounts named at a time. Residing in a cavern under Jackal’s castle, these three demons never stop working to ensure that all destinies are completed. They never leave their home, only interacting with souls or demons who venture through Tartarus’ winding caverns to visit them. They can see the past, present, and future, and speak in riddles and prophecies that are often impossible to decipher. It is considered a taboo to tempt them with questions of the future, as it will often disrupt their work on the fortune tapestries and cause the patterns to shift against the souls’ favor. Those who have seen them describe them as cloaked figures with animalistic features, such as hooved​ feet, horns, or reptilian tails.

  • KNIGHT: Those who are given the title of a Knight have one job: to stand guard outside of Jackal’s castle. They are stoic and stand watch, denying any creature from entering the castle grounds without Jackal’s approval. Their role is pivotal to the protection of the King and Queen, as they are the final defense before entering the castle. They are generally armor clad figures, their entire bodies protected except for their eyes, which glow. Typically, they have immense strength and intensive battle knowledge rather than special abilities.

  • DEMONS: Without any sort of specific role, the rest of Hell’s demons are simply that. They are often residents who help keep the city functioning, and train to master their sin to eventually rise up the hierarchy. Many reside within the circles of Hell, punishing damned souls. Those who work in the circles often look like red horned devils, due to the immense heat. Demons who are higher in rank often look more human-like, with lower class demons resembling animals.

  • FURIES: The lowest of the low, Furies are considered to be second class citizens and are treated like the homeless or like slaves. They often scurry about, scavenging for food or money.


  • THE FALLEN: A rare breed of demon created from the fall of other denizens, such as angels and gargoyles. Most undergo a physical transformation to fit in with other demons, but will often have a trait of their origin.

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