​Dani Cojo


When submitting a commission request via e-mail, please use "COMMISSION REQUEST: [YOUR NAME]" in the subject line. In the body of your message, please include what type of commission you want. If you are requesting an original character, please include references if possible.

I work in order of first come first serve. Turn around time is typically one-week. However, sometimes life can get in the way. If there are any delays in completing a piece, I will be sure to notify you immediately. 

Each step of the way, I will stay in touch for approvals for the sketch, outline, and colors. 

Finished digital art will be sent via e-mail. Traditional art may be scanned and e-mailed, or shipped in the mail (shipping fees may apply). 

All artwork is signed and will be shared to my socials. DO NOT mass produce my art or try to claim it as your own in any way. 


Payment Information

Commission Information

Thank you for taking interest in my artwork! All of the information you'll need to know is below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me over social media or via e-mail. I'm happy to clarify anything prior to committing to a commission. 

Prices are listed in $USD and may be negotiated based on simplicity of the commission. Tips are welcome but never required. 

Traditional commissions will not feature a background. Digital commissions come with a simple background at no additional charge. A flat rate of $20 is applied for detailed backgrounds.

*Limit of 2 characters for Traditional Ink Drawings.

*No Limit of characters for Digital commissions.

*Animal Companions count as an additional character. 

*+$50 for complex backgrounds.

  • Traditional Ink Drawing
    • Bust: $15
    • Waist Up: $20
    • Full Body: $30
    • Add Character: +$5 per character*

  • Digital Line-art
    • Bust: $20
    • Waist Up: $30
    • Full Body: $40
    • Add Character: +$10 per character*

  • Digital Line-art with Base Color
    • Bust: $30
    • Waist Up: $50
    • Full Body: $70
    • Add Character: +$20 per character*

  • Digital Line-art with Shaded Color
    • Bust: $60
    • Waist Up: $70
    • Full Body: $100
    • Add Character: +$30 per character*

I’ll draw pretty much anything you can think of, especially original characters and fanart. However, I will NOT draw the following:

  • Sexual themes above a PG-13 Level
  • Gore or violence over a PG-13 Level
  • Fetish Pieces
  • Offensive propaganda
  • Mecha
  • Large Cityscapes
  • Realism

​I have the right to decline a commission based on its content at any time.

Minimum 50% down payment due at the time of request. Remainder is due once the piece is complete. I accept Venmo and Paypal.

Banned Content