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Dani Cojo



Although I've been writing for a long time, I'm new to the publication process. I have submitted some

smaller works to local literary journals and have had some success. I have also published journalism

articles for The Oakland Post. 

For my Digital Photojournalism class, I created and self-published a book titled "Trans*parency:

Revealing the Life of a Trans* Man." The story follows Kaiden Dunn, a good friend of mine, and his life

as a trans* individual. This book is for sale on Blurb.

My biggest dream is to publish my novel, "The Art of Falling," and to then continue publishing the books

that will come later in the series, "The Age of Mythos."

Below is a list of articles, stories, and poems that I have published over the years. Along the side are

photographs and artwork that I have had published that are not available online to see. 

VOICES Literary Magazine Volume XLXI [May, 2010]

  • "Telephone"
    • Photography
  • "Palms"
    • Charcoal drawing

VOICES Literary Magazine Volume XLX II [May, 2011]

Swallow the Moon Volume 6 [April, 2015]

Swallow the Moon Volume 7 [April, 2016]

    Echo Cognitio Volume 3 [December, 2016]

    The Oakland Post [August 2014-December 2015]

    Blurb Self Publishing [April, 2015]