Prince Rupert's Drop

                                      -Published in Swallow the Moon 2016

Like glass,
She is transparent.
She doesn't hide hr compassion,
And she is willing to do anything
For anyone.
She wears her heart on her sleeve,
And on her pants,
And on her shoes.
On her everything.
She gives and gives
Until she has no clothes left.
Even when she is naked,
She is willing to give
If you ask for her help, she will never say no.
This makes her a saint.
This makes her a doormat.
Years of favors,
Years of giving,
Years of never asking for anything in return.
She can only take so much pressure
And stress
And expectations.
Everyone expects her to agree without complaint.
All it will take it one more ginormous favor,
One more "can you do this for me?"
One more empty promise to "pay back later,"
Before she fractures
And explodes.

​Dani Cojo