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Dani Cojo

Randy the Cartoonist


Randy Cojocari has been known by many names over the course of his life: Ronnie Dog, Quaid Man,

Dad, and now Randy the Cartoonist. Ever since I was little, he was watching my own skills develop,

critiquing my work to make me a better artist. It drove me crazy, but it paid off in the end.


He has a lot of knowledge about art history and is skilled in painting, drawing, and photography. He has

been creating art for many decades. As a kid, he created comics and movies for fun, developing cartoon

ideas with his friends. As an adult, he was drafted into the Vietnam War to be a war photographer.

Afterwards, he studied at Macomb Community College and at The College of Creative Studies for a

degree in Fine Art. He then began to sell children's books door to door, and eventually moved on to selling his own stipple drawings of cars. He then worked at Tenibac creating texture molds for cars until he retired.

Currently, he is available to hire as a cartoonist for local parties. He brings his easel, a chair, and art supplies, then sits down for a few hours to draw party guests. He's a big hit for people of all ages, specially kids and drunk adults. He has done children's birthdays, weddings, and graduation parties. His style is comedic, fun, and entertaining. His rates are $100 for 3 hours.

To book him for a party in and around the Macomb County Area, call 586-792-9408 and ask for Randy the Cartoonist.