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Chaos is the God of Space and ruler of the Chaos Realm, which resides under the surface of the Sea of Discord. He is one of the primordial gods that created the universe, representing evil within the world. He is also the father of Titans, children who fought alongside him against Gaia.

His world is often thought to be a mirror of the world above the surface, where all morals are reversed and laws are essentially non-existent. The Sea of Discord is a dark and murky sea of sludge and oil. If one gets too close to the substance, tendrils of the sea will reach up and drag them down. While he is physically unable to physically leave his dimension, he sends out corrupt followers called The Sons of Cain to cause mayhem and bring him more subjects.

His powers and abilities are a mystery. However, he is able to control the minds of the weak and use them as slaves for his will, often by promising their deepest desires as incentive to follow him. His goal in life is to destroy Gloria and take control over the universe which they currently share.

Like Gloria, he can change his appearance at will. However, he is often described as a shadowy figure made of the same substance as the Sea of Discord. He is gangly and thin, much like a rotting corpse. The only solid feature he has is a painted mask that covers half of his face. How he acquired the mask is unknown, although some speculate that is was a gift from Gloria in an attempt to make peace with him.

CHAOS​: The God of Space

"You are selfish. You are weak. You are a burden. You are filled with Chaos. You are not worthy of being an angel or a demon. You are not worthy of Regal.” - pg. 284

"Disorder and Discord Personified"

NAME: Chaos (pron: K-os)
AGE: Infinite
BIRTHDAY: Dawn of Time

GENDER: Genderless
RACE: Primordial God
ANIMAL SPIRIT: Indigo Lamprey
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
JUNG: ENTP - The Visionary

​ZODIAC: Scorpio