​Dani Cojo

"You know my fascination with the development of technology over the past several decades. So much has changed since the fifteenth century."                                                               -pg 186

Of all the other demons, Etoile is the most unique physically. After losing his left eye in the war against Satan, Jackal gave him a replacement. The electronic eye is a vibrant green, contrasting with his naturally golden eye. It has the ability to see in complete darkness, perhaps even at the deepest depths of the Sea of Discord, which Etoile doesn’t want to test. He has black and white hair that lays flat on his head, and his skin is pale. His wings, unlike other demons of high rank, are completely synthetic and mechanical. He created them to appear more royal. He has no difinitive style of dress, opting to wear his work uniform and a leather jacket due to convenience.

Etoile fights with revolver specially designed to use bullets made from demonic energy. The ink in his fountain pen is often the source, and can be placed inside the chamber of the gun. Etoile can fight in close range combat, but specializes in long range. He prefers to use tactics that can help him avoid unnecessary conflict.

Etoile is the current Prince of Greed, one of the highest ranks of demon. He replaced the original Prince of Greed in the battle that killed Hades. Etoile is notorious for being one of the oldest demons in Hell, though his true age is a mystery.

He is a rather secretive demon, preferring to live within the caves of Tartarus instead of in the kingdom of Hell. When he isn’t secluded inside of his home, he is on Earth collecting souls. He finds the easiest place to do this is to work as a salesman to convince people to buy his products. However, he tends to be a neutral being, not wanting to get his hands into any business he thinks will tarnish his image.

He has a love for technology. He finds the evolution of man to be fascinating, and thinks that automobiles, electronics, and communication to be their greatest achievement. Etoile compulsively hoards all models of electronic devices.

ETOILE: The Prince of Greed

"The Star of the Show"

NAME: Etoile (pron: ey-twal)
AGE: Unknown (Appears 30)

SEXUALITY: Bisexual/Aromantic
RACE: Demon
ANIMAL SPIRIT: Yellow Vulture
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
JUNG: INFJ - The Counselor

​ZODIAC: Pisces