​Dani Cojo

GABRIEL: The Archangel of Diligence

"It is my job to diligently protect all of Gloria's Archangel's in Training."
​                                                          - pg 215

Gabriel has short blond hair cut in a military style and has luminescent teal eyes. His skin is almost as pale as his wings, which are tipped with gold. He has a muscular build.

Gabriel fights with a double handed sword in battles. Although he acts like he’s in the army, he prefers to fight with old fashioned weapons like swords and shields over automatic weapons. His defensive weapon is the armor he wears. It is extremely difficult to penetrate, which allows him to get up close and personal with his enemies. When he isn't wearing his battle armor, he likes to stay sharp and wears dress shirts and slacks. He's rarely seen wearing jeans or t-shirts.

Gabriel is Gloria’s Archangel of Diligence. He is one of the older angels in Heaven. Some even believe he may be the first angel, but he doesn’t confirm or deny those claims.

He is determined when it comes to his job. He often acts like a sergeant and will fight with unbridled power. However, he is also a gentle and care-free soul when he is off duty. He likes to give everyone nicknames because he has trouble remembering all of the souls in Heaven. His best friend and companion is Michaelangelo, whom he would do anything for.

"God is my Strength"

NAME: Gabriel (pron: GAY-bree-uhl)
AGE: Unknown (Appears 35)

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
RACE: Angel
ANIMAL SPIRIT: Teal German Shepherd
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
JUNG: ESTJ - The Supervisor

​ZODIAC: Cancer