​Dani Cojo

"Glory in the Highest"

NAME: Gloria (pron: GLOR-ree-uh)
AGE: Infinite (appears 47)
BIRTHDAY: Dawn of Time

GENDER: Genderfluid Femm
RACE: Primordial God
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
JUNG: ESFJ - The Provider

​ZODIAC: Virgo

Sometimes known as Gaia, Gloria is the Goddess of Life and ruler of Heaven. She is one of the primordial gods that created the universe, representing good within the world. Upon creating the first world, She created other lesser gods named Olympians to watch over Her creations. Because of Her rank, She is technically the mother of all creations, and She refers to everyone as Her children.

Ruling under Her are saints and angels. Saints are blessed humans who now care for the living. They also act as nurses for wounded angels. Her angels fall into nine ranks: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Strongholds, Authorities, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. With Angels acting as protectors of the innocent, Archangels through Authorities acting as warriors, and Strongholds through Seraphim acting as guards of the palace of Heaven, She rarely has to get involved with physical altercations. However, in times of crisis where She must act, Her weapon of choice is a scepter that can withstand Her power.

Her presence is often described as warm and welcoming. However, one mustn’t confuse Her benevolence for lacking leadership and the ability to punish wrongdoers. Some question whether Her intentions are always the best. Though those doubts displease Her, She does not punish those who have different ways of thinking. She upholds Her choice for humans and mythos alike to have free will.

As a primordial god, She is an infinite and genderless being with no true start or end. While She can change Her appearance at will, often switching race, gender, and age to "spice things up," Her favored form is a full figured, 5'2" African American woman in Her fifties with dark brown hair and eyes. Gloria's fashion sense changes with the wind, and She can be seen wearing anything and everything, from Greek robes, to sharp suits, to sun dresses, to fuzzy pajamas.

"​He stared solemnly into the colored glass, his reflection muted out by purples, reds, and blues. Gloria’s painted image looked back at him, unwavering.”

                                                      - pg. 284

GLORIA: Goddess of Life