Glossary of Terms

​​ASCENSION: The process of a demon committing the seven heavenly virtues and turning into an angel.

ANGELS: Angels are a type of Celestial Being that serve Gloria. Marked by their white wings and glowing halos, they serve Gloria by protecting the innocents on Earth. They have a human appearance and are often affiliated with pure magic, such as light, air, or water. 

AURA: ​A halo of energy that surrounded all living creatures, both mundane and magical. They range in a wide variety of colors, and are both positives and negative. Celestial Beings can naturally sense auras, some even being able to see them. Humans and Mythos are unable to see auras, except for psychics who specially train to sense them.

BOND: For Celestial Beings, Bonds are a sacred and unbreakable vow that ties the souls of two creatures together. They are popular during marriage ceremonies for angels, and rarely used among demons except for owning slaves. Breaking this vow will lead to death, unless severed by a "hard reset" such as ascension or falling. When created, they leave a physical mark as well, such as subtle skin discoloration.

CELESTIAL BEINGS: Not to be confused with Mythos, celestial beings are those who live outside of The Egg and in the outer planes of existence. Celestial beings are either gods, angels, or demons.

DEMONS: Demons are a type of Celestial Being that serve the god of Hell, Jackal. Demons vary widely in appearance. Some common forms are red devils, monstrous beasts, or human-like creatures with bat wings or horns. The more powerful the demon, the more human-like they become. They are each affiliated with one of the seven deadly sins, and focus on using that sin to punish or capture souls.

DENIZEN: Any Celestial Being that isn’t a god. The most common denizens are Angels and Demons. Others include Gargoyles, Sons of Cain, and Onelings.

FALLING: The process of an angel committing the seven deadly sins and turning into a demon.

GENESTIC: Sometimes called “The First Language,” this is the language given to humans and mythos at their initial creation. After the events at the Tower of Babel, humans lost their ability to speak this common language. All mythos are able to fluently understand Genestic, along with their own cultural languages.

ICHOR: The blood of celestial beings. Angelic blood is golden in color, while demon blood is black. The blood of gods is unknown, but it's believed that the color is unique for each god.

INCUBUS: A type of demon that feeds on the lust of their prey. They will often sleep with those who are unaware of their ploy, and take pleasure in the hunt and seduction than in the physical act. They are strictly male, with Succubi being their female counterpart.

MYTHOS: Mythos is a broad category for any creature that lives within The Egg that isn't purely human nor animal. They have supernatural or mythological traits that separate them from other beings. They may share human and animal features, and several species are able to control magic and the elements. Humans have been aware of their presence for thousands of years, but until recently, Mythos have remained hidden. Most live on their own planets within The Egg, but some live on Earth among humans. They are not to be confused with celestial beings, which live outside of The Egg.​​

NOMAD STONE: A holy or infernal stone that is used for travel by creating portals inside and outside of The Egg. Angels use angelic nomad stones, which are made from cuts of holy quartz, while demons use demonic nomad stones made out of cursed obsidian fragments.

SEVEN DEADLY SINS: ​The seven core vices that all other sins are born from. Of all sins, these are the most dangerous to commit and can corrupt a soul. They include Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth.

SEVEN HEAVENLY VIRTUES: The seven core morals that all good deeds fall under. When committed, they can purify and cleanse a soul. They include Humility, Charity, Chastity, Kindness, Temperance, Patience, and Diligence. 

​Dani Cojo