HADES: Ex-God of the Underworld

"​Hades ruled his domain with a kind heart. He was humble and treated his people less like slaves and move like independent demons."                                                                    - pg 34

Hades was the God of the Underworld and its first ruler. He is one of the original secondary gods and an Olympian. He ruled alongside his wife, Persephone. His heir is Jackal. He created Manticores.

Originally, the underworld was the home to all souls regardless of their nature. A specific area of the underworld was kept separate to contain the most evil beings. When Jackal came into power, the souls deemed righteous were transferred into Heaven, and only the damned remained in Hell.

Hades was assassinated by the fallen angel Satan when his corruption led him to desire rule over the underworld. The details of Hades death was kept secret from the inhabitants of Hell, however it is assumed that it was gruesome. His death was avenged by Ephysto, his personal guard, and Erebos, his partner and best friend. In the wake of his death, Jackal was created.

When he was alive, Hades rarely fought. His hierarchy of demons were set up to prevent his intervention. However, if the need to fight ever came up, he fought with a two-pronged spear forged out of silver and adamantine. He also had powerful psychic abilities such as mind control, telepathy, and telekinesis. He never abused his powers, knowing that they were extremely dangerous to wield.

Hades was revered for his odd kindness. He treated everyone as equals and was always humble. Many were happy with his childish, yet modest, ways of ruling, and life in the underworld was prosperous during his reign. All that is left of Hades kingdom now lie in ruins outside of Jackal's kingdom.

Those who remember Hades regard him as a truly royal figure. In the prime of his life, he was strong and handsome. He had long black hair, vibrant amber eyes, and rams horns made from Blue Goldstone. He wore an eyepatch over his left eye after he lost it in the battle against the Titans. It was said that those who dared to gaze into gaping hole were driven to madness.

"Unseen in the Darkness"

NAME: Hades (pron: HAY-deez)
AGE: Infinite (appeared 47)
BIRTHDAY: Dawn of Time

SEXUALITY: Reciprosexual/Panromantic
RACE: Secondary God - Olympian
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
JUNG: ESFJ - The Provider


​Dani Cojo