"Wild Scavenger"

NAME: Jackal (pron: JAK-ul)
AGE: Infinite (appears 37)
BIRTHDAY: November 21
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
RACE: Secondary God - Composite Soul
ANIMAL SPIRIT: Deep Red Jackal
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
JUNG: INTP - The Architect

ZODIAC: Scorpio/Sagittarius

"​Hades ruled his domain with a kind heart. He was humble and treated his people less like slaves and move like independent demons."                                                                    - pg 34

Jackal is the current ruler of Hell and God of the Underworld. He inherited the title after the previous ruler, Hades, was assassinated. He is one of the secondary gods, created during the war between the fallen angel, Satan, and Hades. During the unholy fight, the souls of Satan and Erebos were fused, creating a new being.

From that moment, he became the new ruler of The Underworld, which he renamed Hell. He built a new city and kingdom when he became ruler as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Meanwhile, the ruins of Hades were left untouched as a reminder of their past. He never wanted the inhabitants of Hell to forget the battle that took place and the great loss they had experienced. This decision appeased the elder demons who believed that Jackal shouldn’t have been given the throne so easily.

His powers are a mixture between Satan and Erebos. He can manipulate shadows and teleport through portals, and has the ability to communicate telepathically and use mild telekenesis. Like other demons, he relies mainly on brute strength in battle. He will use swords as his primary weapon in battle.

Many elder demons don't believe Jackal is fit to be ruler, and describe him as childish, bipolar, and volatile. The two souls within him still battle, and this comes out in his actions and thoughts. He keeps a close relationship with Gloria, and often visits Her in the Garden of Eden for personal meetings.

He is tall and muscular, with long fiery hair, tanned skin, and golden eyes. Atop his head he has two black ram horns. He wears long red and silver robes with black underclothes. He is one of the few demons who has natural wings, which is revered as a sign of power and royalty. Jackal's wings were inherited by Satan. He is unable to fly, due to his wings being upside down. The placement of his wings is a symbol of Satan's fall.

JACKAL: God of the Underworld

​Dani Cojo