KEIR: Angel of Kindness

"Destined for Darkness"

NAME: Keir (pron: keer)
AGE: 85 (appears 22)
BIRTHDAY: October 10
SEXUALITY: Homosexual
RACE: Angel
ANIMAL SPIRIT: Light Blue Sparrow
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
JUNG: INFP - The Healer


Keir is fair in his looks. Though his skin is tanned, his hair is a light blond and his eyes are a deep blue. He has a lean build and white, feathered wings. He prefers wearing baggy and comfortable clothing, choosing slightly oversized hoodies and cargo pants as his main style of clothing.

His halo is his strongest offensive weapon. His is a simple gold and iron strand that is wrapped around his ankle. He is often teased for the placement, but it proves to be useful in combat. His defensive weapon of choice is a golden shield that shrinks down to a simple pendant that hangs around his neck.

He is currently in training to be an archangel of kindness. His mentor is Michelangelo. Keir's current rank in the hierarchy is low, but he shows potential to become a potential authority or stronghold.

Keir’s bloodline is completely pure, with his parents proving to be loyal angels. However, Keir wanted to be more than just an average guardian angel looking over the innocent of earth. He wanted to be someone useful to Gloria, so he began training as an archangel.

His big heart is what gets him in the most trouble. He will often face off the most dangerous foes to ensure the safety of others, even if it means endangering himself. He is also prone to caring deeply for others. This can cause conflict when he has to make the choice between what his heart desires, and what is the “right” thing to do.

"It's never a waste of time to go after something you love.”                                                                                                                     - pg 22

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