There are two types of magic that exist: natural and learned. Natural magic consists of magic that is inherited, and is often affiliated with an element. Faeries are a common example of those with natural magic, as they all have an affinity for an element and can learn how to wield their magic for offense, defense, and healing. 

Learned magic is a type of magic that must be studied and practiced. Warlocks are the most common example of mythos with learned magic. After awakening their magic roots, they must focus on a school of magic to cast spells, rather than tap into elements. 

It is not impossible for a creature to have both an elemental magic and a school of magic with the proper training. Mythos are capable of learning up to two elements, two schools of magic, or one of each. Learning more can overload one’s abilities. 

  • WATER: A fluid element that requires a calm and flexible mind.
  • AIR: The lightest element that requires complete control of breathing and positive attitude.
  • FIRE: A volatile element fueled by intense passion and a drive to succeed.
  • EARTH: A sturdy element that relies on core strength and unyielding conviction. 
  • ICE: A fragile element requiring a cool temper and necessary apathy. 
  • PSYCHIC: An elusive element that completely relies on mental strength and creativity.
  • ELECTRICITY: A fast paced element that requires quick thinking and focused vigor. 
  • STEEL: A unique element that focuses on a polarizing personality and boundless inteligence.  
  • LIGHT: A rare element that requires a soul with a strong moral compass and sense of self.
  • DARK: The rarest of all, it requires a curious mind with the capacity to empathize with others.

  • ALCHEMY: The school of potions and healing.
  • ABJURATION: The school of wards and protections.
  • ARTIFICE: The school of mixing technology and magic.
  • CHARM: The school of mind effects and illusions.
  • CONJURATION: The school of summoning.
  • DIVINATION: The school of fortunetelling. 
  • ELEMENTAL: The school of elements (not to be confused with natural elemental abilities.)
  • LUMINOMANCY: The school of manipulating light and shadows.
  • NECROMANCY: The school of life and death (a taboo school of magic no longer taught.)

Magic System

Natural Magic

Learned Magic 

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