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Malektil is the God of Balance and Judgement. He is the son of Posedion, the Olympian, born when his father created the first dragons. He too is an enormous dragon-like creature with alien features. Instead of scales, he is covered in feathers and fur. He is an iridescent brown color, with black horns on his head. He has flecks of green throughout his pelt. He has six long, gangly legs with hooves. Instead of wings, he has a pair of large feathered arms with claws. He uses these as his hands, since he can't do much with his hooves.

As the ruler of Purgatory, his job was to watch over souls who had not yet crossed to their final resting place. Although he had gargoyles as denizens to help him rule Purgatory, he often felt alone on the solitary moon and never learned how to communicate well with others. So, he communicates telepathically. His voice is that of whispers through static and white noise.

As the patron to all dragons in The Egg, he watched over as his fellow dragons were slayed by fearful humans who mistrusted mythos. One warrior traveled to Mt. Olympus to slay Malektil, but was killed by a pack of wolves. Rather than battling the human who was destined to destroy him, Malektil trapped the human soul in Purgatory forever as his personal servant and friend. Now, Malektil and his companion watch over Purgatory and keep The Egg protected, watching the shell for any cracks that could allow Chaos to slip inside. When he's not on watch, he's in his cave, counting his treasures that he's collected from souls all throughout The Egg.

Malektil doesn’t enjoy conflict. He relies on his guardian, Dragon, to protect him and to protect Purgatory. Dragon is specially skilled to fight with all types of weapons and is trained to kill anyone who gets too close to Malektil's sleeping chambers. If Malektil ever had to fight, he would use brute strength, his claws and teeth to protect himself.

"However, the brightest of the moons was Purgatory, home of the dragon god Malektil."                                                            - pg 32

MALEKTIL: God of Balance and Judgement

"Eternal Rest"

NAME: Malektil (pron: muh-LEK-till)
AGE: Infinite
BIRTHDAY: Dawn of Time
GENDER: Genderless
RACE: Secondary God
ANIMAL SPIRIT: Deep Green Dragon
ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
JUNG: ISFJ - The Protector