"I’ve made plenty during my lifetime. The wonderful thing is that Gloria forgives them and welcomes us back. She will do the same for you once you save Regal.”         
                                                          - pg 219

"He who is like God"

NAME: Michaelangelo (pron: my-kuhl-AN-jeh-lo)
AGE: Unknown (Appears 40)
SEXUALITY: Demisexual
RACE: Angel
ANIMAL SPIRIT: Light Yellow Labrador
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
JUNG: ISFP - The Composer


MICHAELANGELO: Archangel of Kindness

​Dani Cojo

Michaelangelo's skin, eyes, and hair are dark. His hair is long and pulled back into a tight ponytail, with only his bangs falling into his face. He is also one of the few angels to prefer facial hair over staying clean shaven. His wings, unlike the rest of his body, are a pure white with golden wing tips. He is one of the more laid-back archangels in Heaven, wearing loose tunics and slacks any chance he can.

In battles, he fights with a bo staff. He prefers speed over strength, and his light weight weapon allows him to make multiple quick attacks instead of fewer stronger blows. His defensive weapon is a shield that is activated by a bracelet he wears on his wrist.

Michelangelo is Gloria’s archangel of kindness and the leader of the archangels. He is one of the first angels ever created.

He is a very serious and diligent worker, but he never lets his job get the best of him. He is an extremely gentle soul and always willing to help even the lowest ranking angels. He is very wise and patient, but his patience is sometimes tested when he works alongside Gabriel. His friend’s sometimes playful attitude can get on his nerves.

Michelangelo has no known children, but he has trained many angels in his lifetime and considers all of them his children by default. His current charge is Keir.