​Dani Cojo

PERSEPHONE - Goddess of Seasons

"When she first comes back to Hell, she’s like that: still filled with summer... She’s beautiful like autumn, but she’s still gentle and loving. "                                                              - pg 165

"To Bring Death"

NAME: Persephone (pron: per-SEF-uh-nee)
AGE: Unknown (Appears 30)
BIRTHDAY: August 28
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Ambrosexual/Polyromantic
RACE: Lesser God
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
JUNG: INFP - The Healer


Persephone is the Goddess of Seasons and Change. She is a lesser god, and the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

She was given the job to control the weather and seasons, but she grew bored of the same seasonal patterns. She wanted to experience something knew. So, she snuck into the Underworld to see the world of the dead and ran into Hades. Rather than get in trouble, Hades helped her sneak back down to visit him and taught her the ways of his realm. Eventually, the two fell in love despite her parent's wishes. After they wed, they ruled the Underworld together, but the worlds inside The Egg began to die from her absence. She made a compromise with Gloria and Hades, returning to The Egg in Spring and Summer, and spending Fall and Winter in Hell. She was devastated when Hades was assassinated and became Jackal’s wife. Despite having no love of him, she is bound by her vow and is forced to continue her duties as Queen during the cold seasons.

After the war that killed her husband, Persephone began to study the art of battle. She has taken up many different styles of fighting, and is skilled with many weapons to ensure that she can survive any attack. Her favored weapon, however, is a whip.

Many demons have learned to fear her presence, knowing that her personality is as fluid as her appearance. However, some demons have grown fond of her. Regal is one of the demons who considers her to be a mother-figure, but they don't have a very close relationship. In fact, her closest friend is Etoile, who has proven his loyalty to her and Hades over the years.

Persephone's appearance changes along with the seasons. In the spring, she takes on the appearance of a young woman. She has straight blond hair that is often braided and decorated with flowers. She and has freckled skin and brown eyes. Her figure is slender.

In summer, her skin darkens and her hair become fuller and darker. Small berries and leaves decorate her hair. Her eyes become a bright green. Her figure it now full and curvy. She will reach the peak of her pleasantness and joy during this time.

In the fall, her warm personality starts to shift to something colder. Her figure begins to slim down once again. Her eyes, now amber, begin to look dull, and her curly brown hair turns into multiple shades of gold, orange, and red. She now appears to be in her early forties.

As the fall turns to winter, her body would become thin and sharp, and her hair would straighten turn white. Her eyes would become an icy gray-blue.