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"I’m an incubus, a master of lust, skilled with the art of seduction! I don’t play with your concept of love."                                                                                                                        - pg 11

Regal is an attractive demon, both physically and in his personality. He fits into the category of tall, dark, and handsome, with a 6'1" stature, a monochromatic color scheme, and angular facial features. He has black hair with flecks of gray that match his gray eyes. He is pale and ashen, and has dark black feathered wings. He prefers wearing dark colored clothes, particularly turtle-necks, as they cover most of his scars.

His weapon of choice is a simple silver pocket watch. When the top button is clicked and held, the edges become lined with blades that he can use for long range attacks, much like a flail. The pocket watch also has other small buttons that allow secret compartments to open. These can hold souls, small fragments of demonic nomad stones, and other tiny treasures.

Regal is the son of Jackal and is the current Prince of Lust, one of the highest ranks of demon. Despite his very young age, he was appointed as a Prince because of his bloodline and dedication to hunting souls for Jackal. He is next in line to take the throne if Jackal dies.

His mother is unknown to him, thought to have died shortly after his birth. He lacks a deep relationship between his step-mother, Persephone, but finds her to be what he wants in a mother.

Regal has few friends in Hell, but has made close bonds with two other Princes, Etoile and Viraine. Etoile was his mentor and best friend. Viraine was his companion growing up, but is now someone he doesn't trust.

He is not picky when it comes to who he preys on. His special ability to uncover the subconscious and slip inside dreams allows him to steal souls with ease.

"Fit for a Monarch"

NAME: Regal (pron: REE-gull)
AGE: 119 (Appears 26)
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
RACE: Demon
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil
JUNG: ESTP - The Dynamo


REGAL: Prince of Lust