​Dani Cojo

SAUDA: Archangel of Patience

"One with a Dark Complexion"

NAME: Sauda (pron: Sy-OO-Dah)
AGE: Unknown (Appears 28)
BIRTHDAY: August 30
GENDER: Female
RACE: Angel
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
JUNG: INFJ - The Counselor


Sauda appears to be the opposite of what an angel would be. She has angular features and extremely dark skin that is nearly black. Her hair and eyes are black, and her wings are a pristine white. Her looks cause a lot of stir, but she is comfortable with herself. She doesn’t let rumors or gossip get to her.

She specializes in archery and prefers to fight with long range weapons. Oddly, Sauda is uncomfortable around demons and doesn’t like to be close to them. However, she can easily fight them off from a distance with her bow and arrows. Her defensive weapon is a dagger, which she uses only in case of emergency when she is in close combat.

Sauda is Gloria’s archangel of patience. She is one of the newest archangels to be appointed.

As her virtue suggests, she is very patient, kind, and forgiving toward those who stare at her. However, she does have a tendency to lose her patience and snap when she is pushed too far. Thankfully, that is a rare occurrence.

Her heritage is unknown. No one in Heaven except for her fellow archangels and Gloria know of her past, and she prefers it that way. Sauda’s main goal in life is to be accepted and to prove her worth. She works harder than any other archangel, often saving nearly double the amount of souls as her comrades.

"I know you don't want to be an angel. No demon ever wants it."                                                                                                  - pg 306