Viraine uses all of her assets when hunting human souls. She has long blonde hair with orange bangs, amber eyes, and slightly tanned skin. She has a very curvy figure and has a winning smile. She is the current Prince of Gluttony. However, she prefers to go by Princess. She replaced the original Prince of Gluttony in the battle that killed Hades.

She often uses her body language and sweet voice to trick her victims into trusting her, and her persuasive and flirtatious personality helps build that false sense of trust. However, most demons fear Viraine for her volatile nature. She is quick to switch between emotions, often giving her the impression that she is unhinged with reality. She easily switches to angry and vengeful in a fraction of a second.

She has the ability to devour anything. Her body acts as a bottomless pit that can be used to store items and souls. All she has to do is think of the item she wants and it will return to her. She also is able to create mouths with jagged teeth on any part of her body. These help her persuade her prey into trusting her, as well as acting as a gateway to the void inside her body.

Her favored weapon is an umbrella with razor sharp edges tipped with silver. However, she is willing to use any weapon she has hidden within her, including chainsaws, swords, and guns. She attacks with unbridled power and fury, often acting before thinking. Her hunger for power often trumps anything else.

"Imbued with Impatience"

NAME: Viraine (pron: veer-AYN)
AGE: 150 (Appears 25)
BIRTHDAY: November 9
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Polysexual
RACE: Demon
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
JUNG: ENTJ - The Commander

​ZODIAC: Scorpio

"I prefer the term Princess. After Beelzebub died, Jackal thought a woman could do a better job.”
                                                            - pg 73

VIRAINE: The Prince of Gluttony

​Dani Cojo